Sunday, December 27, 2009

Return to Scotland

For those readers who do not know, I am returning to Scotland. Today. The trip has been in the works for many weeks/a few months but due to the weather this time of year, I travel without Jacqueline. My goals are Glasgow, Coatbridge, Dumfries, Edinburgh, and ??? The purpose of the trip is to walk the same streets walked by my ancestors more than 100 years ago. I spent time online researching geneology and believe I have found residence addresses, etc.

This journey home would not have been possible without the encouragement of my wife, and friends. Also, God has blessed me with brothers and sisters in Christ, in Scotland, who are willing to spend time with me. Finally, but hardly lastly, I have been exceedingly blessed with a place to stay courtesy Pastor Paul Euliano, and his wife Heini, of Bridgeton Life Church in Glasgow.

I will be relying on God, friends and public transportation to make my way around between the various sites, and I endeavor to take pictures and blog each day. Jacqueline has insisted that this time I be in some of the pics. So, I will be in some of the pictures.

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