Sunday, April 11, 2010

Irn Bru

For more than 20 years (indeed, perhaps most of my life) I have drunk a can/bottle of CocaCola each day with lunch. I thought it the best soft drink ever, no contest. Then I travelled to Scotland and tried Irn Bru. CocaCola had met its master. Bright orange in color, nice and sweet, and infused with caffeine, it meets my dietary lunch beverage requirements. And it's Scottish. What more could I want? Interestingly, I was told by a friend in Scotland that Irn Bru is the number one soft drink in Scotland and that has for years knotted the knickers of CocaCola. My only question is ... why orange and not blue? Regardless, I am committed to securing a source of my preferred beverage.

Links to Irn Bru, and a story about Coca Cola's desire to be #1.